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David Wilder

David Wilder

David Wilder

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11/11/08 05:20 PM #1    

Julia Donovan

David Wilder was a fun creative friend to have. He always made things more exciting.

11/15/08 05:16 PM #2    

Ruth Deal (Perry)

I grew up with David from Kindergarten. He was so always nice and happy. We walked home together quite a bit and I would stay at his house when my Mom worked in the afternoons sometimes. We both went to Revere Elementary until they tore it down. I have memories of some fun parties with him from High school as well.

Remember when David came to our 10 year reunion with his pretty long blonde hair. The next night he showed up and had cut it all off and was wearing a braid of hair as his tie! That was so funny!

11/17/08 08:57 PM #3    

Pam Kleiman

David was one of my best friends in school and we wound up as roommates in NYC. I was with him through many of the stages of his illness and was so sad when he passed. He will always be in my heart. Every Cinco de Mayo, send him a little birthday wish!!!

11/23/08 05:52 PM #4    

Mary Beth Calhoon

David was great! My first memories of David were late elementary from church, then more specifically sixth grade. We went "steady" - he would sit behind me in class and play with my hair all the time...
I always had a great time when David was around whether it was drama class, play practices or shows. He was an unforgettable person and I have always been glad he found a way to stand out and have a fabulous time at our 10 year reunion. The stunt with his hair was the most memorable thing from that time.

11/24/08 06:34 PM #5    

Jamie Ritchey (Holloway)

My memories of David go way back. As some of you, I also was a member of Paul Revere Elementary with David. I would spend time at his house in that I was in the girl scout troup that was headed by his mother.

Paul Revere was torn down then I finished my elementary years at Patrick Henry.

David was very patient when all the girls were at the house with his Mom

01/26/09 09:04 PM #6    

Diane Peck (Bentley)

I lost touch with David after I saw him at our 10 year reunion and found out about his death after the fact. It broke my heart. We shared the same piano teacher, participated in the same music competitions, had many long and wonderful conversations on warm summer nights in the Rose Garden, solving the worlds problems and just being friends. He was a wonderful, sweet, loving, kind, caring, funny and compassionate man. He is sorely missed.

06/10/09 09:56 AM #7    

Jill McDonald

Ahhhhh David. I just found this site, and after clicking through all the active links, I can now turn to yours. You were a joy to know, so funny, so fun. I remember in 9th grade you were dating a sophomore cheerleader - the one with the giant boobs - and I asked you why? Your jaw literally dropped. Then I saw you at a club a year after graduation and you were out and proudly introduced your current interest. Thanks for the memories my friend. Angels sing forever :)

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