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Joe Pleasant

Joe Pleasant

Joe Pleasant was born on Dec. 31, 1960, to Fern and William Robert Pleasant, passed May 8, 2008
Growing up near 38th Street and Harvard Avenue, Pleasant graduated from Edison High School in 1979. He joined the Marine Corps in 1982, serving until 1986 as an aviation ordinance munitions lance corporal.
Pleasant married his childhood sweetheart, Stacy, on Dec. 23, 1987. After growing up next door to each other and sharing a first kiss in high school, they parted and met again as adults.
He attended the Spartan School of Aeronautics from 1988 to 1990 before beginning a career in the avionics simulator industry.
Pleasant struggled with cirrhosis of the liver. He was an organ recipient and was in need of a liver several times. Three times he received a new liver and complications arose, but he kept his faith and hoped that individuals would understand the importance of being organ donors, even if death was an inevitable outcome, his family said.
In 2005, a car show was held in Jenks to raise money for the Pleasant family when they were overwhelmed by medical costs.
His wife, Stacy, said he was "an incredible man of strength and faith. Joe is always remembered by his enthusiasm for sports, his crazy rhyming language, his hilarious humor, his ability to fix, build and modify anything and most importantly his love and gratitude."
Stacy said the family is "eternally grateful for the three organ donors and their families who by their gift of life by choosing to be an organ donor, blessed him three extra years."
He is survived by his wife, Stacy; four sons, Caleb, Dawson, Jacob and Zachary Pleasant; his parents, Fern and Don Greer; two brothers, John and Bob; two sisters, Barbara Reynolds and Jane Nail. He was preceded in death by his father, William Robert Pleasant.
Friends may make memorial contributions to the First United Methodist Church, Tulsa, and the Memorial Hermann Hospital, Texas Liver Center.
Dear Edison Class of 79,
I want to thank you from the very core of my soul, for all of your prayers, care and support.
Joe was so incredibly grateful and felt so humbly blessed that you  would care so much for him.  Many of you , who maybe barely even  knew him....blessed him so much.  I too, share that gratitude. You  encouraged me so much during weary moments and scary times.
Joe fought every second of every day during his battle, and  regrettably didn't get to see or talk to many of you but please know... he appreciated you so much. He could never believe the outpouring of  love from you.
You encouraged him during moments that were so difficult. He always  hoped that someday he would be able to shake your hand or give you a  thankful hug.  I know he would have loved nothing more than to stand  before you today not only thanking you...but thanking the Lord for his faith and for His love...through all of you.
Many of you who knew Joe...know...that his relationship with Christ is something that was so special.  It was something unexpected.
Something that many of you might not have ever imagined for him.   The truth is...that relationship is something although special and  unique,.... is there for anyone...and everyone.   Joe is prove of that.   
Believe it or not,..Joe often times said he was grateful for his illness because it brought him into a relationship with Christ.   
That was such a precious gift to him.  Joe was not by any means,  
what is referred to sometimes as a "radically religious" person.   Joe...was just simply "Joe".  But, the difference is...he found thatwith Christ,....his battle became not "his" battle alone,  but one that Christ walked and battled with him. He knew all along that he  was never alone.  It made all the difference in the world because he  knew what the "mission" was.  It is strange isn't it?.., that he was  more full of life as he was dying, than he was before he knew the Lord.  (and we all know that Joe many times was .."full of life":)   ha ha   It's very hard to explain,  but I will tell you I learned  more from that man in the 4 years he battled...than in the 30 + years
I knew him growing up across the street from him.  He was a U.S.Marine through and through.   Stubborn..., Strong, ...ornery...,  
determined..., faithful to the cause, etc...but he was even stronger  in Christ.
If I live another 100 years...I could still never thank you enough.  I pray this time you share together is blessed. I pray you savor each  and every moment with each other and when you leave this reunion,..  I encourage you to stay in touch.  Relationships are sacred and special, not to be taken for granted. Time is short.  It can change  in a blink of an eye.  So take a moment.  Look around. Take it all in. Carpe Diem!
YOU ARE.... The Class of '79!!!!!  The coolest Class at Edison!!!
(except for MY class of '83...We might be more cool J ) Go Eagles!!!
Blesssings to you all - always,
Stacy Pleasant
Wife of Joseph F. Pleasant

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11/11/08 07:10 PM #1    

Tammy Yeates (Sexson)

I only came to know Joe and Stacy via all the wonderful emails during his illness. Stacy and Joe's faith and strength in the Lord and each other was incredible to read in her emial updates. I shared Joe's story with my church family and Stacy knows that too many to count prayed for all of them through it all.

I continue to encourage people to become an organ donor just like I did, in memory of a classmate I never even knew, but felt I had known forever.

02/19/09 08:00 PM #2    

Doug Coleman

Joe was my best friend all through junior high and we literally spent those three summers together just about every day. We formed our friendship around ORU basketball in the early 70s. Both of our parents were big fans of the then "Titans". I was driving to dinner in Midland one evening last May when I received a call on my cell. It was my mother informing me of Joe's passing. It took my breath away. To this day Joe is one of the most creative human beings I have ever met with a sense of humor second to none. Joe "Schmo," you will always be remembered my friend...

05/26/09 05:38 PM #3    

Linda Voeller (Right)

Joe was one of my favourite people at Edison. He and Chuck Rice were 2 of my good friends since 9th grade and moreso during sophomore and jr. years. Joe was always cute, funny and sweet. He Chuck and I went to prom together with Joe's date, which may have actually been Stacy, but left early because neither of the guys were into dancing (the music wasn't our thing exactly either) and, after dropping Joe's date at her house we just cruised around and hung out. My heart truly goes out to his family for the loss of a wonderful person. It makes me sad that he's gone, but he still makes me smile!

06/28/09 06:04 PM #4    

Kevin White

So sorry to hear of Joe's passing. I don't have a way to send a note to Stacy directly, but if she should read this know that I forgave Joe long ago for the dustup we had so long ago at your place. I had heard from my sister that you and he had asked about me at your reunion. I'm glad to know Joe pulled himself together and became the man you write about. As best of friends...I always knew he had a good heart.

You sound in good spirits Stacy and wish you and family well...


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